S.C. Silco HVAC S.R.L, Sibiului Street nr.12, Cluj-Napoca, City. Cluj, Country ROMÂNIA,

                                                       Phone: +40744917193

Designing and implementing electrical cabinets , service, replacement parts  for heat exchangers brazed and plates,  termical substations, manufactured by SONDEX A / S.

Our steps




We listen our customer needs and provide the best customized solution.

Great feedback from our clients and  high professionalism in solving all problems, increase quality of service performance, marketing and communication optimal relationships with suppliers and customers.

Ensuring and obtain the services provided by the company, in accordance with the requirements and quality levels specified by the provisions of the regulations and contractual clauses concluded with customers.


The success and the rise of our company is due to technical projects met the satisfaction of our customers and a high level of professional training.



A secure business relationship between two partners with  trust each other, in products and services which it offers and believes that the price is precise.



Saving time and reducing costs by concentrating resources and implementing marketing initiatives, that ensure our objectives.

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